Wednesday, January 2, 2013

morning reading - Beauty for Truth's Sake

It is early, I have been up on and off all morning. Atticus did not sleep well last night. Finally he drifts off but I stay awake. I have a meeting early this morning and a full day to do. So much living in each day. I hope to paint some more, to get outside with the kiddos, to do some housekeeping and interior meddling as well as a little homeschooling. 

But for now I try to figure out how to turn on our new coffee  machine and to read a few lines out of my current read - Beauty for Truth's Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education by Stratford Caldecott. I started awhile ago but now I am starting over and pushing through to the end. Completing a thought or conversation if you will with Mr. Caldecott. God is good. Carpe diem.

"For every great change, every rebirth or renaissance in human culture, has been triggered by the retrieval of something valuable out of the past, making new, creative developments possible..." 

"Similiarly today, we may legitimately hope that ressourcement, a "return to sources" and in paticular to the pattern of humane learning as it was traditionally understood in the West, though expressed in new ways, will lead to a renaissance, the birth of a culture more appreciative of life and wisdom."

"Education is our path to true humanity and wisdom. By this I do not mean simply what goes on in school and university - which all too often turns out to be a path in another direction entirely away from both humanity and reason. I mean the broader process that engages us all through life. To be alive is to be a learner. Much of the learning we do takes place at home, in the family, or after we leave both home and college and begin the struggle to survive in the wider world. Increasingly, in a society shaped by technology that is continually changing, we need to learn a new skill: how to keep learning. We must be flexible and adaptable enough to survive in any circumstances. Even more important than flexibility is a virtuous character and set of guiding principles that will enable us to keep track of goodness amid the moral and social chaos that surrounds us."

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